Jack Vance: Night Lamp
This section contains images from the Underwood Books signed & limited edition.
The cloth cover of the book has the same design as the traycase, although the
cloth color is a lighter yellow. The dust jacket image is full wraparound, and is
by Arnie Fenner of Spectrum Design. The background texture for this page was
scanned from the traycase.

Night Lamp
Traycase cover

Dust jacket front cover

Dust jacket rear cover

This section contains images from the uncorrected proof of the TOR Books edition.
The copyright page is a duplicate of the Underwood Books
copyright page, so no new information is available.

Uncorrected proof front cover

Uncorrected proof rear cover

"You can't possibly pass up any book by Jack Vance... He has perfected the trick of creating new worlds so deceptively real that after a while your own home seems imaginary." ---Jerry Pournelle

From the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winning author Jack Vance comes an extraordinary new science fiction novel. Set in Vance's own inimitable universe, Night Lamp is a young man's quest to discover the secret of his own origin, hidden by his adoptive parents, and lost with their untimely murders.

"The works of Jack Vance have boasted an ardent following for the past four decades, and his newest should be cause for rejoicing among the faithful. The remarkable high consistentcy of Vance's poetic writing, coupled with his extraordinary visions of exoctic planets, is one of the treasures of speculative fiction." ---Washington Post Book World

Jack Vance is the author of dozens of science fiction and fantasy novels, including the World Fantasy Award-winning Lyonesse series, and the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning The Last Castle

This section contains images from the U.K. edition,
courtesy of Nick Frame in Australia.

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